Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Prove Training Effectiveness

With recent studies conducted on how ineffective and costly training can be if done poorly, how can you restore confidence in the training you provide for your company?

Simply put, pre- and post-training measurement is the only way to prove effectiveness while creating accountability for behavior change and business impact. But you must do it right.

      Clarity: Begin with a clear idea of what the training is designed to accomplish, not just the training program goals but also the strategic business purpose at the organizational level

      Adoption and Impact: Measure before and after to determine whether there has been a change of behavior on the job as a result of the training and if it has had the desired effect

How you put these numbers together can be accomplished through various methodologies depending upon the training objectives...outcome-based self assessments, individual performance reviews, cost savings, MBO’s, observation of new work procedures, fewer complaints, improved employee engagement.

To prove that the training has been effective, make the business case with numbers that show the training is actually being applied in the workplace and making a difference.

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