Sunday, April 20, 2014

5 Steps to Measure Competency

Think of competency assessment as an ongoing process of continually building skills and knowledge…not just a one-time exercise in identifying performance gaps. In this way your organization will have joined the 21st century of training measurement best practices.

The benefits to the company are many but the main plus is ensuring the readiness of your employees to meet performance objectives even as job functions morph in this fast changing and competitive workplace environment.

Follow these five steps to keep your work force finely tuned and primed to meet increasing performance demands:
  1. Self-assessment. Employees evaluate their own cultural and job competencies and pull together proof of their knowledge and skills.
  2.  Objective Review. An expert assessor reviews and evaluates the evidence and actual on-the-job performance.
  3. Needs Identification. Together, the employee and assessor identify development needs.
  4. Learning. Multiple opportunities to learn the missing skills are provided…both on and off the job.
  5. Reassessment. The employee is reassessed to determine if the skills can be performed at the level needed. If so, they have earned competency.
Repeat the cycle for continuous improvement and to keep up with your evolving strategy.

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