Thursday, July 31, 2014

Smart Training Depends on Smart Measurement

If you are in charge of learning at your organization, you need to have meaningful measures of both the content and the effectiveness of your learning programs. How else can you manage well? You need to measure the right stuff and have a track record of performance that will guide your management decision making.

Use technology to automate as much data gathering as you can. Include information on the implementation of training, as well as on the financial, performance and cultural indicators. But most of all what you should care about measuring is the business impact of the training. When all is said and done, this measurement is what matters most. How does the training affect the bottom line? What difference has the training made in productivity? How has the training contributed to the overall health of the organization?

Measure training not so much to prove its effectiveness as to hone learning targets, skills, relevance and application. This is how to manage learning well. Make sure that your training is moving one of the following metrics:

  • Sales revenue, margin, win rate, portfolio mix, deal size, and sales cycle.
  • Customer acquisition, loyalty, growth, and satisfaction.
  • Leadership execution effectiveness of key corporate strategies.
  • Employee attraction, development, performance, engagement and retention.
  • Project cost, quality, and time.
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