Friday, January 31, 2014

Training & Development: 3 Keys to Smart Marketing

You thought you did everything right. You worked with management to determine just what skill gaps should be filled for optimum business results. You gained the backing and ongoing support of company executives and other key stakeholders. You wrote clear business and learning objectives and designed a program with both pre- and post-measurement to drive accountability and monitor results. You are ready for the roll-out.

What are you missing? Nothing if this is for an intact team.  An effective marketing effort if this is an open-enrollment offering.

Until employees know what development opportunities are available and what is in it for them, your sign-ups will be disappointing. You need to partner with the marketing department to craft a message that will be compelling and drive employees to the learning programs you have designed.

1.     Pre-Training levels of proficiency and performance
2.     Post-Training levels of skill adoption and performance coaching by management
3.     Post-Training levels of business impact

Employees and the business need to be convinced with real and relevant data that developing and adopting new skills and behaviors is critical to the success of the business, their boss and their job.

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